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    • The Ethical Considerations of Integrative Medicine.


Dr. CP van Eeden


Dr. CP van Eeden earned his Ph.D. in Holistic Life Counselling from the University of Sedona in 2012. He also holds a Master of Metaphysical Science (M.Msc.) and a Diploma in Business Analysis (DipBA). He is a Certified in Integrative Medicine by the Institute of Integrative Medicine, USA. Further enriching his qualifications, Dr. van Eeden is registered herbalist with the African National Healers Association. Before moving into Integrative Medicine. He is currently serving as the director at the Golding Institute. Alongside his colleagues, he provides evidence-based integrative solutions and training for healthcare providers and patients. Within the institute, Dr. van Eeden's principal duties involve researching and developing new integrative medicine solutions and ensuring their safe implementation.