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Dr Tadesse Mekonen


Dr Tadesse Mekonen is the executive director of Avacare Health and has played a leadership role in successfully launching the Namibian HIV Clinical Mentoring Program, additionally, has successfully led all the preparatory work for and launch of the HIV Test and Treat Pilot in Namibia including development of Implementation protocol, evaluation protocol, Monitoring and evaluation framework, Activity planning and budgeting. He also won the Young Investigator’s award for Clinical Science, Care and Treatment Category at the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA) 2015 for the work done in “Early Pediatric HIV treatment, viral remission and Pro-viral DNA reversion. And he has successfully trained and coached clinical mentors across the country, supported the establishment of an adolescent friendly health center for HIV infected adolescents in Oshakati intermediate Hospital in Namibia and supported the strengthening of paediatric HIV care, treatment and paediatric HIV disclosure. And amongst many of his achievements, he has led the successful launching of ECHO model of virtual training and mentoring in Namibia with close technical and financial support from UNM, CDC, EGPAF, UW and I-TECH. This is the first ever ECHO launched on the African Continent and some African Countries are showing interest to replicate the practice to their settings.