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    • Evidence Based Medicine—The Totality of Evidence


Professor Colleen



Prof Colleen Aldous is a recognized leader in healthcare research and a strong advocate for evidence-based medicine. Starting her career with a focus on genetics, she has since led various clinical research initiatives and has a broad purview that spans multiple clinical disciplines. She champions an interdisciplinary approach to clinical research, which has successfully spanned many clinical disciplines. 

Prof Aldous is committed to maintaining high ethical standards and rigorous methodologies as a researcher. With a publication record that includes more than 170 articles in indexed journals, numerous book chapters, and a textbook aimed at postgraduate students, Prof Aldous's contributions to the field are substantial. She has been acknowledged for her work, receiving the UKZN Top 30 award twice and being elected as a Member of the Academy of Sciences of South Africa in 2021. She emphasizes the nuances of evidence-based medicine and its effective communication to the public. Her engagement with the community has been particularly impactful, especially during the pandemic, where she has worked on enhancing public understanding of science through the lens of evidence-based medicine.